Why Mailers Haven Occupant Data


Drive-time radius targets prospects who can most easily reach a destination. Suppress customer files. Polygon mapping technology lets users draw their specific territory or areas required by city ordinances.


Most people don't associate targeting with Occupant lists, but we can target by routes, and well as use anti-targeting techniques to remove households least likely to respond, while keeping saturation rates.


While all Occupant data is derived from the same master database of all addresses in the country, we make sure our customers receive only the best of it. Updating vacancies and limiting drops for better ROI.

Data Comparison

When to use Occupant Data

If your client's most important target is distance from their location, then Occupant Data could be a great choice. Often people who use Occupant Data sell a low-cost item. And importantly, occupant mailings occur when postage savings is crucial to the overall ROI.

When to use Consumer Data

If your client has a defined target, be it age, income, kids in the household, or other attributes, Consumer Data is generally the right answer. It works even better when you can find the right micro-select to narrow the focus of your mailing.

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Response Boosters TM

We just improved the results of your next Saturation mailing! No more blindly mailing to every prospect in a carrier route. By simply checking a box in any Occupant job, you can now remove households least likely to respond to your clients' offers (while retaining the best postal rates).

  • Records where the minimum age in the household is over 80 years old
  • Records where the household income is in the bottom 4% of any zipcode

We use premium consumer data to identify these households. The end result is a saturation mailing with better ROI.

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Occupant Case Studies


  • Gym
  • Dental Office
  • City Ordinance
  • Auto Dealership

Radius Type

  • Qty by Drive Time
  • Qty by Drive Time
  • Radius by Distance
  • Qty by Drive Time

Response Booster Removals

Min. Age over 80

  • KEEP
  • KEEP

Lowest 4% Income

  • KEEP
  • Households minimum age 80+
  • Households in the lowest 4% of income

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Learn what's on the cutting edge of direct mail results.

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Response Boosters

We just broke Occupant Data. Increase your ROI today.

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Saturation Lists

Occupant & OccuName

Now with Response Boosters

Database of every known address in the country verified by the U.S. Postal Service.

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Enhanced Occupant & OccuName

Income, child presence, age and gender output

Same saturation database with anti-targeting capabilities based on age and income criteria.

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Apartment & Condo Extracts

Contains the complex name and # of units

Database of apartments, condos and townhouses searchable by specific complexes.

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