Enhanced Occupant & OccuName

Description: Database of every known address in the country verified by the U.S. Postal Service.

Highlights: It's a normal Occupant file overlaid with a Consumer file allowing users to suppress specific households by age and income as well as output up to seven consumer lists.

Included Selects:
Median CRRT Income
Median CRRT Age
Median CRRT Home Value
% of Households in a CRRT with Children
% of Households of particular ethnicities
% of Households of particular length of residence

Household Level Removals:
Prioritize by Consumer Income
Prioritize by Consumer Age

Household Income
Presence of Children
Marital Status

Names where available (extra cost)
Birth Month

Occupant Data

Quality Ratios
  • Avg. Deliverability 97%
  • Delivery Guarantee 92%
  • % Simplified Data <.1%
  • DPV Qualified 100%
  • Highest DPV Score 100%
  • Updated Monthly