Acxiom Consumer

Description: Acxiom Consumer Data has more targeting option than any compiled list and has an average deliverability of 95%.

Highlights: More than 700 data points to choose from, such as Children's Exact Age, Adult Birth Month, Buying Activities, Premier Net Worth and more!

Included Selects:
Exact Age
Marital Status
Presence of Children
Age Range of Children
Gender of Children

Address Type Indicator
Homeowner / Renter
Length of Residence
Households with Seniors
Household Status Indicator
Year Home Built
Home Value

Acxiom Data

Quality Ratios
  • Avg. Deliverability 95%
  • Delivery Guarantee 92%
  • 9-Digit Zipped 100%
  • DPV Qualified 100%
  • Highest DPV Score 99.7%
  • Updated Monthly