Why Mailers Haven Consumer Data


We offer the two best consumer data sources, depending on your specific needs. Each has its own strengths, allowing you to always have the right data for the job.


In a recent study, Acxiom's data came out on top against its regular Consumer list competitors. And with our premium Consumer file, Excelsior, we guarantee even higher deliverability rates.


One thing that sets us apart from the competition is that we host our data with the compiler. This means the day their data is updated, you have access to it!

Data Comparison

Excelsior Consumer

If you need the highest quality selects and the most deliverable data available on the market, we suggest using the Excelsior Premium Consumer file. The list is cleansed twice as often as its competitors & it has the highest quality selects included with the base record

When to use Acxiom

If breadth of targeting options is what's most important to you, we
suggest using the Acxiom Consumer file. With over 4,000 data points, ranging from life stages to buying activities and propensities, there's no wider range of targeting choices.

For more information give us a call at (800) 557-5487

Sample Premium Selects


  • Year of Birth
  • Month of Birth
  • Education Level
  • Occupation
  • Number of Children
  • Exact Child Age
  • Investors
  • Ethnicity
  • Ethnic Country
  • Religion
  • Voter Party Preference
  • Veteran

Household Health

  • Allergies
  • Diabetes
  • Disabled
  • Homeopathic Conscious
  • Organic Conscious


  • Economic Stability Indicator
  • Net Worth
  • Wealth Percentile
  • Investment Types
  • Modeled Credit

Life Stages

  • Recently Married
  • Recently Divorced
  • Expectant Parent
  • New Parent
  • Recent College Grad
  • Empty Nester
  • Single Parent
  • Recent Mortgage Borrower
  • Recent Home Buyer

and many more...

From Our Template Gallery

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Audience Propensities

Micro-targeting with over 4,000 unique selects.

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Velocity Automotive Data

Discover what make our auto data "Best in Class".

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For more information give us a call at (800) 557-5487


Propensities are micro selects that allow you to reach people who previously would have been impossible to target. There are literally thousands of micro selects searchable on our website at www.MailersHaven.com/Props. See a sampling below:

Dining Propensities

  • Full Service Restaurant
  • Kids' Restaurant
  • Chicken Restaurant
  • Recreation Restaurant
  • Barbecue Restaurant
  • Quick Service
  • Mexican Restaurant
  • Casual Dining Steak/Rib Restaurant
  • Midscale Seafood Restaurant
  • Midscale Asian Restaurant
  • Fine Dining Restaurant


  • Buys jewelry costing $2,500 or more
  • Purchases Apparel from Target
  • Shops for Vitamins
  • Purchases Fashion Sunglasses

Auto In Market Propensities

  • Luxury Vehicle
  • European Vehicle
  • Japanese Vehicle
  • Full Size SUV
  • Full Size Pickup

Consumer Case Studies


  • Humane Society

    Solicitation For Money

  • Hearing Aid Company

    Informational Event

  • Catalog - Home & Garden

    Free Shipping Offer

  • Auto Dealer - Toyota

    New SUV Promo

  • Kid-Themed Restaurant

    Party Offer

  • Financial - Mutual Fund

    Seminar Invite

List Selects

  • Pet ownership, Recent Donation

    Options: Income, Wealth Percentile

  • Exact Excelsior Age, Net Worth

    Options: Number in Household, Gender

  • Mail Order Buyer, Home & Garden

    Options: Gender, Income

  • Past Toyota Purchasers, SUV Purchasers

    Options: Propensity - In Market for New SUV

  • Age, Income, Child's age & Birth Month

    Options: Prop - Dine at a Kid's Restaurant

  • Age, Income, Net Worth, IPA

    Options: Wealth Percentile

For more information give us a call at (800) 557-5487

Consumer Lists

Excelsior Consumer

Premium Consumer Source

Specializing in accurate core selects, such as exact age, premium income and children data.

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Acxiom Consumer

More than 3,000 micro-selects to choose from

Specializing in the largest breadth of selects for better and more accurate targeting options.

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Velocity Automotive Data

Output MSRP, Make/Model/Year, VINs and emails

The best auto data in the country, with highly accurate information and comprehensive counts.

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