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The highest quality, most responsive mailing lists.

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Our Guarantee

At Mailers Haven we know that our lists are the highest quality available. That’s why we are not afraid to offer a real guarantee that covers not only the cost of the list, but postage and printing as well.

See below for average delivery rates and guarantees for our main data products. If you ever receive an unexpected number of returns, we’ll pay you $0.50 per return over the Return Rate Guarantee, up to the cost of the entire mailing list.

Excelsior Consumer Data

     Average Delivery: 96%
     Return Rate Guarantee: 6% or less

Acxiom Consumer Data

     Average Delivery: 95%
     Return Rate Guarantee: 8% or less

Occupant Data

     Average Delivery: 96%
     Return Rate Guarantee: 6% or less

InfoGroup and D&B Business Data

     Average Delivery: 90%
     Return Rate Guarantee: 15% or less

New Movers, Homeowners & Real Property

     Average Delivery: 95%
     Return Rate Guarantee: 8% or less

Mail pieces must be addressed correctly, adherent to postal regulations and mailed within 30 days of purchase. Purchase our lists with confidence!

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