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Business Data

What it is:
Database of businesses and professionals nationwide.

Why Mailers Haven:

  • Choice – We offer both major compilers of business data, InfoUSA as well as D&B, so you can get the right file for your needs.

  • Expertise – Just because the data is available, does not mean it’s the best list for the job. Our expert list agents are there to help you determine which list to use in every situation. For example, when to use D&B or InfoUSA as your compiler. They also can steer you towards Business Specialty Data when it is available, such as for churches, government agencies, doctors, nurses and more.

  • Freshness – One thing that sets us apart from the competition is that we always host our data with the compiler. This means the day their data is updated, you have access to it!

If you are a mail shop, printer, agency, list broker or other reseller of mailing lists, give us a call at (800) 557-5487 to request a list count, or signup now to use our online count and order system.

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